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Send Sabre Command


The Send Sabre Command (SabreCommandLLSRQ) is used to send specific Sabre® system commands that are not available as structured Sabre Web Services.

Target Audience
Travel Agency
Airline Carrier
Current Version
Session Token
Service Action Code

SabreCommandLLSRQ offers client applications several different options for formatting the response data via the @Output attribute. Clients have the ability to specify "SCREEN," "SDS," or "SDSXML" via @Output.

If "SCREEN" is specified via @Output, the response will be returned in screen format.

If "SDS" or "SDSXML" is specified via @Output, the response will be returned in Sabre Data Source (SDS) response format. Please note that the SDSXML option simply converts the SDS-delimiter character set into XML. For additional SDS-related details please visit Please note that if clients opt to utilize SDS-based functionality via the SabreCommandLLSRQ service they need to be plugged into the SDS change notification process to ensure no negative impact to their applications when the various content teams make changes to their SDS responses. Clients can sign up for SDS-related notifications, which are delivered via the Sabre Advance Notification (SAN) process, by submitting a request to their account executive.

When commands in the Sabre system include special characters, it is recommended that clients define character variables using hexadecimal codes . To insert the special characters, the character variable is included with other characters. Doing it this way avoids problems associated with different font/character sets.

Example of character variables:

  • char CROSS_OF_LORRAINE_CHAR = (char) 0xA5;
  • char CHANGE_KEY_CHAR = (char) 0xA4;
  • char END_ITEM_CHAR = (char) 0xA7;

Example of a .NET client calling a special character:

  • req.Value="1"+ CROSS_OF_LORRAINE_CHAR + "2"; where the value sent with the SabreCommandLLSRQ element is “1‡2”.

Please note that several host shopping-based commands, i.e. JR and WPNI-type commands, utilize underlying Tripsearch/Bargain Finder(sm) Plus-based functionality, which are categorized as "Worldfare" scans. These commands are charged at a higher price point. For additional information please refer to the Format Finder Help System reference: homtp001.

Sample Request
	<!-- Simple availability check. -->
	<SabreCommandLLSRQ xmlns="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:xsi="" TimeStamp="2014-03-04T14:00:00" Version="1.8.1">
		<Request Output="SCREEN" CDATA="true">
Sample Response
	<SabreCommandLLSRS xmlns="" EchoToken="String" TimeStamp="2015-09-02T06:21:34" Target="Production" Version="1.8.1" SequenceNmbr="1" PrimaryLangID="en-us" AltLangID="en-us">
 1VX 11 J7 C3 D2 W7 Q3*JFKSFO 090 730A 1100A 320 0 DCA /E
 Z0 Y7 V7 B7 H7 E7 U7 M0 I0
 2VX 23 J7 C3 D2 W7 Q3*JFKSFO 093 1030A 200P 320 0 XJ DCA /E
 Z0 Y7 V7 B7 H7 E7 U7 M0 I0
 3VX 25 J7 C3 D2 W7 Q3*JFKSFO 090 1155A 325P 320 0 DCA /E
Z0 Y7 V7 B7 H7 E7 U7 M0 I0
 4VX 251 J7 C3 D2 W7 Q3*JFKSFO 075 945A 300P 320 1 DCA /E
 Z0 Y7 V7 B7 H7 E7 U7 M0 I0
 5VX 27 J7 C3 D2 W7 Q3*JFKSFO 078 430P 815P 320 0 DCA /E
 Z0 Y7 V7 B7 H7 E7 U7 M0 I0
 6VX 29 J7 C3 D2 W7 Q3*JFKSFO 065 650P 1030P 320 0 XJ DCA /E
 Z0 Y7 V7 B7 H7 E7 U7 M0 I0