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Search For Itineraries


The Search For Itineraries (Trip_SearchRQ) service provides the capability for Hosted Carriers to retrieve PNR data in either OTA or STL formats.

Target Audience
Travel Agency
Airline Carrier
Current Version
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Service Action Code

Once a PNR has been created on the Sabre® Host the Trip_SearchRQ Web Service offers functionality to allow the Airline or Agency to search for PNRs by many different criteria. It is the equivalent of the Sabre *-name command. The request can be further detailed by the ReturnOption section which specifies the content of the return message.

Trip_SearchRQ provides the capability for Hosted Carriers to retrieve PNR data in either OTA or STL formats and the search criteria include:

  1. Flight date or date ranges, Flight Number, Operating Carrier, Marketing Carrier, Status Codes, Countries, Cities
  2. Specific SSR codes
  3. Frequent Flier Programs, Frequent Flier Numbers
  4. Phone Numbers
  5. Ticket Numbers
  6. Form of ID, Passport, Driving License
  7. Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD)

Please check the User Guide for more options.

Sample Request
<Trip_SearchRQ Version="4.3.0" xmlns:ns2="" xmlns="">
				<Locator Id="ABCDEF"/>
					<LastName MatchMode="SIMILAR">KOWALSKI</LastName>
			<PosCriteria AnyBranch="false">
			<ReturnOptions ResponseFormat="STL" ViewName="TripSearchTN" SearchType="ACTIVE" MaxItemsReturned="10">
Sample Response
<Trip_SearchRS TimeStamp="2017-03-03T05:56:20" Target="Production" Version="4.3.0" xmlns="" xmlns:ns2="" xmlns:ns4="" xmlns:ns3="" xmlns:ns6="" xmlns:ns5="" xmlns:ns8="" xmlns:ns7="" xmlns:ns13="" xmlns:tir37="" xmlns:ns12="" xmlns:ns9="" xmlns:ns11="" xmlns:ns10="" xmlns:stl114="" xmlns:ns15="" xmlns:ns14="" xmlns:or16="" xmlns:or17="">
	<ReservationsList NumberResults="1" NumberPages="1" TotalResults="1">
			<Reservation Locator="ABCDEF">
							<ns3:FlightsRange Start="2017-02-20T12:00:00" End="2017-02-20T15:27:00"/>
							<ns3:Source PseudoCityCode="B4T0" AirlineVendorID="AA"/>
								<ns3:Passenger nameId="02.01">
									<ns3:FirstName>ANNA MRS</ns3:FirstName>
								<ns3:Passenger nameId="01.01">
									<ns3:FirstName>JAN MR</ns3:FirstName>
								<ns3:Passenger nameId="03.01">