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Change log


  • Implementation of full TravelItineraryReadRQ flow with RBD
  • Extend insurance product for annual multi trip
  • Retrieve the owning agency PCC along with profile index from TravelItineraryRead
  • Support for PriceCache - OpenReservationElement


  • New elements for Fare Component have been added. It includes Fare component number and flight numbers
  • New DOT attribute for disclosure carrier data has been added
  • Ancillaries elements that can be added via AE Mask or UpdateReservationRQ are now returned in TravelItineraryReadRS


  • New schema, user guide, design and sample payload files for TravelItineraryReadRQ3.8.0
  • New schema version for v3.8 was introduced with the following main items included:
    • Fare Component Details - Some Fare Component details stored in PQ will be available in TIR 3.8. The details includes fare component origin and destination, fare basis, fare directionality, governing carrier, fare component amount, ticket designator, date and time when PQ hass been stored
    • Disclosure Carrier - Disclosure Carrier logic support has been introduced in TIR 3.8
    • Association Matrix - Association Matrices data displays relations between Passanger data, AEs and flight segments

v3.6.0: New subject area POPULATE_IS_PAST. This subject area allows to determine if particular segment is active or in past. To populate IsPast flag, subject area POPULATE_IS_PAST is required in TIR3.5. In TIR 3.6, IsPast information will be always populated.


  • New endorsement types in PQ response have been added.
  • The response includes a new element to indicate Paid Tax in PQ tax fields.
  • New feature to mark air segments where start date is older than 48 hours as past. For the non-air segments (eg. Car, Rail, Hotel) the flag will be calculated based on end date. If end date is not available and there is no possibility to calculate it based on duration time, these will be processed as air segments.