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Add Itinerary Remark


Change log

v2.1.1 - Corrected an intermittent issue where warning responses were interpreted as errors.

v2.1.0 splits /RemarkInfo/FutureQueuePlacement@DateTime into /RemarkInfo/FutureQueuePlacement@Date and  /RemarkInfo/FutureQueuePlacement@Time in the request message to cater for Sabre Sonic Res-based future queue placement remarks, updates the back-end formatting logic to add form of payment-related remark information last when other remark types are also requested to be added, and adds the ability to suppress the system from obtaining an approval code when a credit card is input into the system to the request message.

v2.0.0 is a simplified version of the service utilizing standardized PNR-related types.

v1.4.1 renames .../FutureQueuePlaceRemark@Date to FutureQueuePlaceRemark@DateTime in order to facilitate access to the time aspect of the newly enhanced future queue placement functionality added to the host