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Change log

v2.2.0 -

  • Added ability to pass customer e-mail address or supplier fax number in the request message.
  • Corrected method of generating vehicle delivery address. The method used in previous versions resulted in errors.

v2.1.0 -

  • Added new parameter to the request message to be able to perform a sell based on previous car location, car rules and availability calls. Modified response schema from ../Vehicle/VehVendorAvail/VehResCore/RentalRate/Vehicle to VehicleType

v2.0.2 -

  • Modified request message at.../VehResRQCore/POS/Source/@AgentSine from mandatory to optional

v2.0.1 resolves an issue where request messages containing .../VehResRQCore/RentalPaymentPref/Guarantee@Code were not building the proper behind-the-scenes host command, updates the repeat factor associated with .../VehResRQCore/SpecialEquipPrefs/SpecialEquipPref in the request message to 10, and updates .../Vehicle/VehVendorAvail/VehResCore/ReferenceInfo/Reference/Qualifier in the response message to begin returning car upgrade-related information. 

v2.0.0 Created a new, simplified version of the service to take advantage of further normalized/standardized XML types/structures.and adds support for enhanced guarantee/prepay-related functionality.