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Air Availability


Change log

v2.4.0 -

  • Added ability to request availability for online connections only.
  • Service response will now indicate whether availability was sourced directly from the API.

v2.3.0 - Added .../OriginDestinationOptions/@TimeZoneDifference to the response message.

v2.2.0 adds .../OptionalQualifiers/FlightQualifiers/AlliancePartner/Group to the request message, and adds .../OptionalQualifiers/FlightQualifiers/Cabin/Designator to the request message.

v2.1.1 corrects an issue where an incorrect host format was being created when specifying ¿/FlightSegment@FlightNumber in the request message, and also corrects an issue where an incorrect date was being returned via ¿/FlightSegment@ArrivalDateTime in the response message.

v2.1.0 adds the ability to override minimum/maximum connection times for multiple connection locations into the request, adds  /FlightSegment@OnTimeInd into the response, and corrects an issue where @ArrivalDateTime was returning an incorrect arrival date. Please note that this service version will not be available in SWS PROD until the late-September, 2012 timeframe so we ask that clients refrain from upgrading to this new version at this time. At this time clients are welcome to test against the back-end. Once all of the necessary back-end content components are in place we will notify users of the availability of this functionality.

v2.0.0 -

  • adds the ability to request air extra-related information on follow-on availability requests, and also adds several new response elements including elements/attributes for returning ground time v2.0.0 also corrects an issue related to requesting connections with specific carriers where the behind-the-scenes host command being created was not being properly formatted leading to a format-related error response.  
  • Created a new, simplified version of the service to take advantage of further normalized/standardized XML types/structures.