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Get Credit Card Approval


Change log

v2.2.0 -

  • Added parameters used to display Payment Web Service Reference
  • request a "Tasa Administrativa" approval code for Colombian agents, refer it to the corresponding payment remarks and to indicate that authorization amount is for service fee amount for Argentinian agents

v2.1.0 -

  • Modified XML request structure to enhance the functionalities supported by the service. .../Credit is used to obtain card authorization. .../DescriptiveBilling is used to create AMEX or TP AirPlus DBI
  • Added ability to perform credit verification to obtain a credit card approval code and request storing the data withing the PNR area by setting .../Credit/@AutoStore to "true".
  • Added ../DescriptiveBilling to allow adding, modifying and deleting of DBI information for AMEX or TP AirPlus Cards.

v2.0.1 changes .../CC_Info/PaymentCard/@CardSecurityCode to string in the request message.

v1.2.1 adds the ability to specify a currency code via …/TotalFare@CurrencyCode in the request message.

v.2.0.0 Created a new, simplified version of the service to take advantage of further normalized/standardized XML types/structures