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Reserve Air Seat


The Reserve Air Seat (AirSeatLLSRQ) API is used to reserve a seat for an itinerary segment or segments.

Target Audience
Travel Agency
Airline Carrier
Current Version
Session Token
Service Action Code

Using this API, you can:

  • Make a seat request for one or multiple passengers.
  • Make a seat request by generic zone.
  • Make a seat request based upon segment number, seat number, name number, and also issue a boarding pass.
  • Also specify change of gauge.

The Sabre system always verifies the carrier participation level when you send a seat request.

Please note that you need to have air segments booked in your session or Passenger Name Record (PNR) prior to calling AirSeatLLSRQ. This can be achieved by either calling the EnhancedAirBookRQ (to book air segments) or GetReservationRQ (to retrieve an existing PNR) APIs.


Sample Request
<AirSeatRQ Version="2.1.0" xmlns="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:xsi="">
		<Seat Preference="AN">
			<NameSelect NameNumber="1.1"/>
			<SegmentSelect Number="1"/>
Sample Response
<AirSeatRS xmlns="" Version="2.1.0" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:stl="">
	<stl:ApplicationResults status="Complete">
		<stl:Success timeStamp="2018-06-13T11:27:21-05:00"/>
		<Seat Number="17B">
			<FlightSegment DepartureDateTime="04-27" FlightNumber="536" ResBookDesigCode="Y">
				<DestinationLocation LocationCode="ATL"/>
				<MarketingAirline Code="AA" FlightNumber="536"/>
				<OriginLocation LocationCode="DFW"/>