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Price Air Itinerary


Change log


  • Added ability to price ancillaries filtered by specific SSR codes.
  • Added fare construction details to the response message.


  • Added new schema elements to pass additional information for agency management commission users


  • Added a new attribute used to request the webservice to show all Agency Retailer Details
  • Added a new element that allows user to target an agency managed commission calculation from a specific business line
  • Added ability to exclude aggregated content from the services response
  • Enhanced services response to pass additional details related to validating carriers


  • Added ability to price and specify virtual form of payment at .../PriceRequestInformation/OptionalQualifiers/FOP_Qualifiers/BasicFOP/@Virtual
  • Added .../PriceRequestInformation/OptionalQualifiers/PricingQualifiers/RetailerRuleQualifier@Qualifier within the request message to be able to price by incorporating fares linked to a specific Retailer Rule Qualifier code
  • Added .../PriceQuote/PricedItinerary/AirItineraryPricingInfo/RetailerRules together with corresponding elements/attributes (AdjustmentSellingLevel and PricingTransaction) to pass information on the retailer rules within the response message
  • Added ability to specify the markup/down amount at the request level .../PriceRequestInformation/OptionalQualifiers/PricingQualifiers/ManuallyAdjustedSellingLevel/@MarkDown and @MarkUp


  • Added two new attributes to the request message at /PriceRequestInformation/OptionalQualifiers/PricingQualifiers/SpecificPenalty/Changeable, .../EitherOr and .../Refundable used to specify penalties after or before departure
  • Added an attribute .../@Reference on the request level at .../PriceRequestInformation/OptionalQualifiers/FOP_Qualifiers in order to reference a line number from PNR FOP field
  • Added .../PriceRequestInformation/OptionalQualifiers/PricingQualifiers/BasicEconomyExclude to the request message to allow airline customers to exclude Basic Economy Fares from the pricing response.


  • Added .../PriceRequestInformation/OptionalQualifiers/PricingQualifiers/SpecificFare to allow requesting specific fare basis that, in turn, is to be validated
  • Corrected an intermittent issue when system was responding with error when .../PriceRequestInformation/OptionalQualifiers/PricingQualifiers/ItineraryOptions/SegmentSelect/@Number was combined with or without .../PriceRequestInformation/OptionalQualifiers/PricingQualifiers/ItineraryOptions/SegmentSelect/@RPH