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Miscellaneous Sales And EMD


The Miscellaneous Sales And EMD (MISCServicesRQ) web service is used for Electronic

Miscellaneous Document (EMD) and Miscellaneous Sales and Services (MSR) transactions.

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The Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) standards have been defined by IATA to replace all existing accountable documents used by carriers for the collection of ancillary service charges and miscellaneous fees. The EMD will, over time, replace the Miscellaneous Sales Receipt (MSR), Miscellaneous Charges Order (MCO) and the Excess Baggage Ticket (EXB).  The major benefits of the EMD are that it has a status, similar to electronic tickets, that manages how the document is used, and stops invalid transactions such as refunds or exchanges when a service has already been provided. Revenue Accounting systems are able to recognize revenue in a more timely and accurate manner due to the automation of usage reporting. The EMD also has the ability to be employed for interline services as it is an “industry standard”, meaning that it can be integrated with services offered by partner carriers or distributed through GDS enabling sales across multiple channels.

There are two types of EMD, the Associated EMD (EMD-A) is issued for flight related services and the coupons of the EMD are “associated” to the flight coupons of one or more eTickets, based upon a service on the flight segment they have been issued for. This association allows for the synchronization of status between the two documents. The Standalone EMD (EMD-S) is issued for the collection of miscellaneous fees which are not related to a specific flight. As there is no synchronization with a flight coupon for an EMD-S, its status is managed through other processes. In many cases the EMD-S will be considered “CONSUMED AT ISSUANCE”, i.e., marked and reported as used at time of issuance. In other scenarios it may be left “OPEN” and subsequently refunded or exchanged, depending on the type of service it has been issued for.

Services exposed for an airline using EMD are:

Retrieve EMD costs (GetPriceListRQ) - Provides ancillary pricing and data filed through OC filing >unable to locate.  Please check with the merchandizing team for further information

Retrieve Passenger Name Record (GetReservationRQ) - Provides PNR details

PNR is updated with EMD ancillary data (UpdateReservationRQ) - Provides for the sell/book of ancillary and the PNR to be updated.  Please check with the merchandizing team for further information  

Ticketing service used to transact EMDs (CollectMiscFeeRQ) - provides ticket fulfillment (payment) service for ancillaries and issues EMDs (EMD-A and EMD-S)  

Used in EMD exchanges for computation (CalculateExchangeCostRQ - Calculates the value difference between the exchanged EMD and unfulfilled ancillaries. Provides the difference (additional collection, refund or an even exchange) and the resulting residual value or addition collection amount

Used in EMD to EMD exchanges (ExchangeDocumentforEMDRQ) - Completes the exchanges of one EMD and fulfills ancillaries by issuing one or more EMD documents.


The miscellaneous sales and service package provides and method for airlines to collect funds for the sale of miscellaneous items and services.  This includes excess baggage transactions.  The airlines creates and maintain customized host tables for MSR transactions.  Upon completion, a Sabre generated, paper document is issued.   Note: EMD is standardized, electronic, using automated pricing whereas MSR is airline specific, issues a paper document and uses tables for pricing. 

Services exposed for an airline using MSR are:

Collect Miscellaneous Fee (CollectMiscFeeRQ) - Allows customer to pay for miscellaneous items. (This covers PSS functionality of MISC Mask FOP Screen)

Calculate Total Cost (CalculateTotalCostRQ) - Provide converted amounts, taxes, and total cost before collecting payment. (This covers PSS functionality of MISC Mask Screens 2/1, 2/2, 2/3, 2/4, 2/5, 3)

Get Miscellaneous Fees (GetMiscFeesRQ) - Provides a list of all fee items defined in the MISC fee tables. (This covers PSS entries MISC*ALL and MIXB*ALL)

Get Miscellaneous Fee Override (GetMiscOverrideRQ) - Provides a list of override reason codes for waiving a miscellaneous fee. (This covers PSS entries MISCO* and MIXBO*)

Waive Miscellaneous Fee (WaiveMiscFeeRQ) - Waive the miscellaneous fee. Waiver reported to override file - no MSR issued. (This covers PSS functionality of MISC Mask Screens 2/4, 2/5 and EXB thru ACS/ACSI with 'override' option)

Sample Request
<CollectMiscFeeRQ version="1.4.2" xmlns="">
	<ns1:AgentPOS company="B6" lniata="F28730" sine="HUH" dutyCode="5" xmlns:ns1="">
		<ns1:AAA province="BC">LHR</ns1:AAA>
	<ns2:Transaction code="MSR" xmlns:ns2=""/>
	<ns3:Fees xmlns:ns3="">
			<ns3:Customer lastName="PONEEE" firstName="TESSSS">
				<ns3:CustomerDetails nameRefNumber="1.1" pnrLocator="EHXEFY"/>
				<ns3:FeeDetails code="438" description="ANCILLARY SEAT FEE" quantity="1" buildAPAY="true">
					<ns3:Base currencyCode="CAD">50.00</ns3:Base>
					<ns3:Equiv currencyCode="EUR">20.00</ns3:Equiv>
					<ns3:Total currencyCode="EUR">20.00</ns3:Total>
				<ns3:OptionalService RFIC="A" subCode="AS" ssrCode="SEAT"/>
				<ns3:AssociatedTicketNumber couponNumber="01"> 2792194535014</ns3:AssociatedTicketNumber>
	<ns4:TotalCost currencyCode="EUR" xmlns:ns4="">20.00</ns4:TotalCost>
	<ns5:Payment xmlns:ns5="">
		<ns5:Amount currencyCode="EUR">20.00</ns5:Amount>
	<ns6:DetailLevel xmlns:ns6="">Full</ns6:DetailLevel>
Sample Response
<misc:CollectMiscFeeRS xmlns:misc="" xmlns="" version="1.4.2">
		<Results messageId="TKTHLI702-19593-826688607-1524490207145-91-misc" timeStamp="2018-04-23T08:30:07">
	<AgentPOS company="B6" dutyCode="5" sine="HUH" lniata="38D63A">
		<AAA province="BC">LHR</AAA>
	<Transaction code="MSR"/>
			<Customer firstName="TESSSS" lastName="PONEEE">
				<CustomerDetails nameRefNumber="1.1" pnrLocator="EHXEFY"/>
				<FeeDetails code="438" description="ANCILLARY SEAT FEE" quantity="1" buildAPAY="true">
					<Base currencyCode="CAD">50.00</Base>
					<Equiv currencyCode="EUR">20.00</Equiv>
					<Total currencyCode="EUR">20.00</Total>
				<OptionalService RFIC="A" subCode="AS" ssrCode="SEAT"/>
				<AssociatedFlight segmentID="0">
				<AssociatedTicketNumber couponNumber="1">2792194535014</AssociatedTicketNumber>
				<IssuedDocumentNumber couponNumber="1">2790616925321</IssuedDocumentNumber>
	<TotalCost currencyCode="EUR">20.00</TotalCost>
		<Amount currencyCode="EUR">20.00</Amount>