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What is it?

This method voids issued tickets for a given order.

Void refers to an immediate cancellation, and this action does not generate any fees related to the cancellation of the ticket.

Void is only possible if the Rail vendor's business rules enable it. Usually, there are some constraints assigned. For example, the Rail vendor may set a 24-hour restriction on this method after issuing a ticket.

Why use it?

Use this method to void issued tickets. Most commonly, this method is used in the event of agent errors while booking.

How it works?

  1. Send a request to the Rail vendor system with a list of order items (tickets) to void.
  2. The tickets are voided and their status is changed to canceled.
  3. Money is refunded to the customer.\ Note: This is handled via is a separate process apart from the CSR API.
  4. Re-issuing of the ticket is now no longer a possible action.

How to use?


POST /v1/rail/orders/{marketingCarrierCode}/{orderId}voidContract


Provide a list of order items to void tickets associated with that order.


No data is returned upon success. To review the current status of the order, refer to the GET /v1/rail/orders/{marketingCarrierCode}/{orderId} method.