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Content Services Rail Travel Documents

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What is it?

This method returns travel documents for issued tickets for a given order.

Travel documents contain additional details related to ticket delivery; in this case, URLs are provided to access tickets and print them.

Important! Printing travel documents may block the possibility to void tickets.

Why use it?

Use this method to access issued tickets/travel documents.

Access to tickets/travel documents is not directly provided during the payment process. The form of travel documents depends on the delivery mode assigned to the ticket.

How it works?

  1. Send a request to the Rail vendor system with a list of order items to retrieve travel documents associated with that order.
  2. The response returns URLs from the Rail vendor that link to available travel documents for the order.

How to use?


PUT /v1/rail/orders/{marketingCarrierCode}/{orderId}/travelDocuments


Provide a list of order items associated with each travel document to be returned.


Returns URLs containing travel documents for each order item provided.\ Note: This method may be sent multiple times, but the same URL(s) will be returned for the same order items.