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Content Services Rail Search Single Trip

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What is it?

This method returns Rail offers for a given search criteria for one-way trips. Offers contain assigned prices, itineraries, transport product details, and other information used to create an order.

Why use it?

Use this method to get offers from Rail vendors for one way trips.

How it works?

  1. Send a request to the Rail vendor system with the following search criteria:
  • Code of the marketing carrier whose offers will be searched ({marketingCarrierCode} in URL)
  • From/to stations
  • Departure/arrival date&time
  • Passenger details, including quantity and discount details.

Unlike round trip requests, one-way requests only contain one search criteria.

  1. The response returns a list of all offers generated by the Rail vendor for different Rail connections. Offers are bookable entities that can be used to create an order with the POST /v1/rail/order method.

Offers returned are assigned a unique id, a price, and linked transport product details (such as fare codes, flexibility, remarks, related passengers, and journey segments).

The response contains detailed schedule information, including train details and other information regarding parameters required for order creation:

  • A generated passenger id
  • Delivery options
  • Fulfillment requirements
  • Payment options
  • Seat reservation options

How to use?


POST /v1/rail/offers/{marketingCarrierCode}


Provide one search criteria element containing:

  • Code of the marketing carrier whose offers will be searched ({marketingCarrierCode} in URL)
  • From/to station codes
  • Departure/arrive date and time
  • Number of passengers, type, and any linked discounts


Returns a list of offers, including a unique offerId, and all other details needed to create an order for a one-way trip.